Hidden Noises


Hidden Noises is a site-specific installation inside Bosco Nordio, a natural reserve situated on the most ancient dune system of the coastal area of Venetia between Chioggia and the river Po which dates back to at least 2 million years ago (Pignatti, 1959).
Designed and constructed in May 2018, it is the second prize winner for the ”Open Call: Bosco Nordio – Arte Natura”.
The installation, aims to explore the relationship between man and nature by offering the visitor the opportunity to engage with the hidden side of the reserve through an interactive work of land and sound art.
The installation acts as a cognitive instrument that, inspired by the different forms of the forest, attracts and leads the visitors to an unusual point of listening. By following the ramified structure consisting of intertwined organic material, visitors can find themselves immersed in the most hidden soundscape of the pond, surrounded by a universe of underwater and microsounds produced by a wide diversity of animals ordinarily invisible to human perception.
Through a system composed of hydrophones and headphones the work aims to raise awareness, both individually and collectivelcy, of the existence of this reality as well as of the tangible effects on nature caused by excessive human activity.



Strati art collective collab

2nd price winner at Bosco Nordio ArteNatura