Sexy Movers


Sexy movers was born from a reflection on the essay “A general theory of love” by Thomas Lewis, M.D. Fari Amini, Richard Lannon, M.D. The performance focused on the encounter between human , a meeting that explores the moment when two individuals come into contact, the single instant that starts a transformation process. Imagine being able to expand this moment, to be able to scan time and observe the vibrations, moods and dynamics that precede the match. What happens when we get close to someone? What happens when our eyes meet with each other’s? And how do we change according to the meetings? Sexy movers aims to be a path of transformation, in which bodies store experiences and use them as a strategy to communicate with each other. (A. Di Virgilio)



Commisioned by Aurelio Di Virgilio and Cango production | Centro Nazionale di Produzione per la Danza Virgilio Sieni